Anti Bribery Policy

Bribery, Records of Transactions

FMCL insists on honesty, integrity and fairness in all aspects of its business. Bribes in any form are unacceptable; commission payments may be made and personal gifts or favors may only be accepted with the approval of management.  FMCL strives to comply with the highest levels of transparency and accountability throughout the company. Records of transactions should be maintained in an accurate, complete and timely manner in accordance with FMCL accounting principles. No unrecorded funds or assets should be established or maintained.

Third-party Interests

Employees are not allowed to have any direct or indirect financial interest in a supplier or competing company with the exception of a financial interest in a publicly traded company. And as such, any dealing with any third party by the employee which is, in any way, detrimental to the healthy being of FMCL will be regarded as being disloyal and unlawful. 

Political Payments

FMCL will not make payments or donations, in money or in kind, to political parties, political organizations or individual politicians, unless such payments are made in strict accordance with Management Directives.

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